Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Gap

This morning I managed to meditate for ten minutes while my wife and daughter were still asleep.

While I was trying to focus on my breathing I noticed that I kept thinking about my blog instead. This thought was followed by a sense of excitement.

What was interesting was that I became aware of a gap between the thought of my blog and the feeling with which I responded to it. This gap feels full of potential.

So, for example, I also feel unwell this morning, and while that is undeniably unpleasant physically, I realise it is possible to choose how I respond it.

The gap is the space/time I create to notice what is going on and how I want to respond to it. Usually the movement is seamless and we come to think of our responses as inevitable, as though we have no part in determining them.

The unpleasant physical sensation of a stomach upset is there, sure. I notice that and my ingrained reaction to immediately want to feel unhappy about it. However, at that point before my reaction, difficult though it may be, I can see that I can choose how I respond to being sick.

Strange though it might sound, I needn't feel down about feeling unwell.

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