Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Guildford County Secondary School

Last night I started a new poem consisting of several short poems on the subject of my time at secondary school.

The idea for this poem comes from Donald Hall's poem about his own time at school.

Although I have written a number of school poems, Hall's poem made me realise I have many more memories that could be perfectly captured in a series of short poems.

Very quickly I started on four vignettes, then was in and out of bed jotting down lines for several others.

In some ways the end of school felt like a terrible disaster to me. It is my belief that at such an early age the people I went to school with were introjected into the formation of my personality like members of an extended family. Leaving school represented an abrupt loss of my extended family.

Nevertheless, these people continue to live in my memory and imagination, and among other things, the poems are a way of engaging with them once more.

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