Faber New Poets 2010

I have just come across the next quartet of young poets to benefit from Faber and Faber's New Poets programme.

Joe Dunthorne, Annie Katchinska, Sam Riviere and Tom Warner are the four lucky pre-first collection poets who have been invited to enter the inner sanctum of the poetry publishing establishment, where they will benefit from financial assistance, mentoring and pamphlet publication by Faber.

Interestingly, because of the lack of money this is something small press publishers have been doing for some time, and it is interesting to note that Faber is being supported by Arts Council England in this venture.

Following a quick Google, I've particularly enjoyed Joe Dunthorne's exuberant poem 'I am happy' which can be found on his impressive website. Clearly Dunthorne, who has also published a novel, is a multi-talented person who looks like his talent might take him in any number of directions. The poems I read by the other three I found competent and readable but unremarkable in comparison.

All four are appearing at a reading at Brighton Festival on 22 May.


  1. Here's an essay on a young poet's journey through craft and the lessons learned along the way. Please read it at http://wp.me/pC3Xj-dK


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