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Publishing Update

I've just heard from Naomi Foyle at Waterloo Press that my collection is going to print tomorrow. She also passed on the good news that it has been mentioned in this quarter's Poetry Book Society Bulletin. Copies will be available from Waterloo Press via their website from the start of July. Pre-orders may be taken a few weeks before if anyone feels they can't wait!

Joe Dunthorne's Pamphlet

It's bright red and got a sexy font and it's out now: Joe Dunthorne's enviable and deserved Faber debut pamphlet. There are only 500 copies and judging by the comments on Facebook they're selling fast, so get your order in if you want to read the poems that kick-start a potentially illustrious poetry publishing career.

San Calisto


Bernard Welt

I first came across the work of Bernard Welt through his poem 'I stopped writing poetry' in the Best American Poetry series. I've just ordered his 1979 collection 'Serenade' and noticed he has also co-authored an interesting short book on American mass culture called 'Mythomania'. His work isn't very well-known in the U.K. and I hope this goes some way to addressing that.