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New Poem by Naomi Foyle

Climate Change Spring, and I am nothing but weather. The logic of squalls, piercing traffic and hills. Cold cheeks, fresh as milk on the doorstep. Sunshine, wholly other in the sky’s shifting calendar where days drop from November into March, or steal into April from August, then scarper, leaving me tending the faint threat of fire, warming the perfume of earth-nurtured pearls. And if my scarf is still grey, the shades are milder now, their iron jaw-lines shaved by the soft edge of a feather as it whirls on your lambkin-scented breath into my hair, whispering of downy winds, the skinning of the year. Naomi Foyle’s first collection, The Night Pavilion , was an Autumn 2008 Poetry Book Society Recommendation. It was followed in 2010 by Grace of the Gamblers , an illustrated ballad pamphlet, and The World Cup , all from Waterloo Press . Naomi has collaborated with artists and musicians on projects including the award-winning videopoem Good Definition and the Canadian chamber opera Hu