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Haiku: The Tomatoes of Worthing

The Tomatoes of Worthing Even the peaches in Sainsbury’s have ripened – summer’s almost gone. * Autumn morning chill – the walk to the train station leaves me feeling sad. * Frost in the country; the first football coach is sacked – must be haiku time! * Do not forget the abandoned spider’s web on the kitchen window. * These small fruits exploding with sweetness – Worthing tomatoes! * Garrulous on Guinness, I seek out an old friend – poor moon! * Thwack! Howzat! Applause. * Sudden downpour – scent of pavement and tomato plants. * A swan honking overhead disturbs my morning rest. * A car door thuds shut, someone hammers, a child laughs – everyday jazz! * Deadheading roses is like pruning a poem of redundant lines. * Evening sunlight on the back of my neighbour’s house – open-air cinema! * Moonlit banana trees fringe a sandy bay – some window display! * The skin on your knees – notice its resemblance to the grain of the trees. ©2011 Dan Wyke