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The Carol Ann Duffy-led project 'Sixty Years in Poems'  in which poets recall a year in verse, published in yesterday's online Guardian (always with 'the leading poets'), reminded me of this piece of juvenilia written years ago obviously with the help of a history book to commemorate my birth-year. 1973 Vietnam; Cambodia; Paris Peace – premature; Picasso dies; Auden after; Greek Coup; Yom Kippur. Oil Crisis; Cod War; Gary Glitter; The Exorcist; Jimmy Osmond; Roger Moore; Princess Anne weds Cpt. Phillips. Joe Bugner; Watergate; Gulag Archipelago; I.R.A.; Edward Heath; V.A.T.; Allende shot by Pinochet. Ulster Strike; Mainland Bomb; Internment; Dad’s sperm; Daniel – Elton John; Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em. ©2012 Dan Wyke